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Making an alien friend- Story


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Reyaansh Jhawar

Hey friends, Sara here! 6 year old Reyaansh Jhawar from Kolkata writes a simple story but I see so much for us to learn from it- can we also easily make friends with someone who is quite different from us?

Reyaansh is from La Martiniere for Boys, Kolkata.

Making an alien friend- Story

One day, I was playing in the park.


Suddenly, I saw a spaceship landing in the park.  The gates opened and out came a peculiar looking thing.


Soon I realized it was an alien and I got excited to meet him!


He was wearing a peculiar mask. I asked him many questions about himself.


He had a strange appearance and had many eyes. We talked about each other
and became good friends!


I found him funny and named him Loly. We played in the park and had great  fun!


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