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‘My Dream Bookstore’ Story by 12 year old Arav Barmecha from Mumbai

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Arav Barmecha

Yo amigos! Sara here. 12 year old Arav Barmecha from Mumbai writes about his favourite bookstore that has something even for non-readers. What is your favourite bookstore? Tell us!

Arav goes to Ascend International School and is a student of Word Munchers.

‘My Dream Bookstore’ Story by 12 year old Arav Barmecha from Mumbai

A bookstore has never interested me but the bookstore I am about to describe is one that is unique and very special. This book store has walls full of books everywhere except one wall. 

The wall on the far back. 

This wall is covered with games and consoles. This is my dream book store. There is a line of consoles which are free to use. This was before COVID 19, of course. 

When I was there, I picked up the controller and browsed through the games. There were so many games to choose from. Not only were there games but also a great variety of books for all age groups. There were books from fiction to nonfiction, science to so many others. Even if you do not like reading there is something for you to do at this bookstore. This is the biggest and the most diverse store ever. The books are in great condition and there were people from all ages there reading, playing, and buying. 



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