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My Dream City – Superheroes And No Rules | Bookosmia

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Shreyansh Desai
Get this – you have the power to create your own city with any rules you want. What would you create? 7 year old Shreyansh Desai, a Bookosmian from Vadodara imagines his dream city!
He goes to Cygnus World School.

My Dream City – Superheroes And No Rules | Bookosmia


My dream city - Superheroes and no rules


If I could create my own city –  it would run without money. It would not have any strict rules and my superheroes would guard the city.
I would visit my favorite food shop and have my fill of my favorite snacks without having to ask mom. And if there comes an earthquake, the people needn’t worry as the superheroes will save us.
It would be a happy and exciting city to live in.
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