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‘My Dream of a Little Fish’- Story by 7 year old Sahana S from Chennai


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Sahana S

Hey everyone, your friend Sara here! We can never get enough of mermaids and sea adventure, right? Here is 7 year old Sahana S from Chennai taking us on one such one. Enjoy!


Sahana is a student of NSN Memorial School, Chitlapakkam, Chennai

‘My Dream of a Little Fish’- Story by 7 year old Sahana S from Chennai

One day, when I was sleeping, I had a dream.
Mermaid and the little fish story for kids by kids Bookosmia
In that dream, I had become a mermaid, Ariel. This is what was happening-
I am living with my daddy John and mommy Siacka. Our country is called Avolar.
I am a pretty, little mermaid, with a green tail and a red top. I love swimming fast in the sea.
I had a beautiful fish friend, Flounder, who is yellow in colour with a green tail!
Suddenly, I heard my friend Flounder, crying for help. I saw his tail was stuck in a thorn bush. I helped the little fish get out of the thorns.
The next morning, a group of fishermen threw their nets and caught me and other fish, except Flounder. I cried for help! The little fish, Flounder, heard my cry, came fast, bit the net and freed all of us.
We all happily swam together and played together! Flounder wished me goodnight and went to sleep!
I swam to our Kingdom ‘Avolar’ and slept!
Suddenly I woke up and realized everything was a dream! What a wonderful dream!
What I learnt from my dream is that helping someone never goes waste. When we help someone, they also help us some time or the other.


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6 Replies to “‘My Dream of a Little Fish’- Story by 7 year old Sahana S from Chennai”

  • KavithaSatishkumar

    Cute and imaginative writing!!Good job Sahana

  • Srividhya

    Good writing from little angel. Keep it up.

  • Swaminathan

    Super. Keep rock kutty ponnu.

  • Lavanya Arivendhi

    Great job, Sahana! Keep writing!

  • Praveen

    Great job Sahana! God bless you!

  • Praveen

    Superb Sahana.. God bless!

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