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‘My Life As A Hot Air Balloon’ Story by 10 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

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Krishnav Jhunjhunwala

Hey good people! Your friend, Sara here. What if you were a hot air balloon? No, seriously! Why not go on a fantastic ride of imagination with 10 year old Krishnav Jhunjhunwala from Kolkata? Hold on tight!


Krishnav goes to La Martiniere for Boys school and is a student of  Word Munchers.

‘My Life As A Hot Air Balloon’ Story by 10 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

Hi! I am a hot air balloon. On a busy Saturday, a company called Cameron made me from a big cloth of nylon.

Light blue and shining yellow were my colours. I got packed with my friends. After a long travel, we finally reached a big and huge field.

In that field, I was packed in a beautiful wicker basket covered with fresh flowers. The next day, finally I made my first flight. At first, for a minute or two I felt dizzy but then eventually, I started enjoying the ride There was a family who was screaming in a very shrill voice but the sight of small roads, houses and the pleasant sky helped me ignore them.


After some months, I made many friends, like the mountains and the birds who flew with me.

One of my most favourite incidents was when a group of 3-4 children had a birthday party, everyone was singing, dancing and playing games in my huge and wide wicker basket. It was a bit loud but I enjoyed it a lot and it was really good to see children enjoy the ride.


One day all of a sudden, the sky became turbulent and there were fiercely blowing winds. At that very moment, I felt I was going to die but then my partner (the hot air balloon pilot) made us land safely on the ground. We luckily survived.

After many years of giving people rides, I got a small hole in my cloth and my colours were fading too. So, the travel company gave me back to Cameron where I was born. They recycled me and after some months, I was born again as the first hot air balloon which was able to fly without fire by a machine fixed in me.

Now, again I’m giving many people rides and enjoying myself.


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