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My Mother, My Hero | Bookosmia

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Shambhavi Choudhary
Hey everyone! Mother’s Day is coming up very soon! 6 year old Shambhavi Choudhary, a Bookosmian from Kolkata writes a sweet essay about the person she loves the most – her mother! What are your plans for mother’s day?
Shambhavi is a student of Word Munchers and goes to La Martiniere for Girls School.

My Mother, My Hero | Bookosmia

My Mother, my hero


My mother’s name is Karishma Choudhary. She does hilarious things to make us laugh. She loves me a lot and her choices are very colorful. I like it when she reads a story for me. She gives my food on time and we study together.


Her favorite food is momos. She dances very well, and we dance together. She likes to wear long shirts and her favorite color is blue. She loves watching her phone.


My mother cooks yummy biryani, and she plays with me a lot. When she is sad, I also feel sad. We sing songs and do yoga together. We take turns to read books. She makes new hairstyles.


We love to do craft and we also spend time with each other. I help her in her work, and she helps me too. My mother loves everyone a lot.

My Mother, my hero



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