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‘My only fear is LONELINESS’ Essay by Bhavna from Mysore

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Hey friends, Sara here! Bhavana from Mysore shares this very honest and very brave write up on the fears she feels. Nothing that a mom’s hug cant cure!


Bhavana is a student of The Hobby Place.

‘My only fear is LONELINESS’ Essay by Bhavna from Mysore

My fear is LONELINESS” 

This is my only fear , no idea when and how I will overcome it?? When I am alone I think ghost will come and take me to Ghost-land


When my mother asks me to go to bed, I call out my sister to join me. Even  though she joins me, she will be in her own world. So I run down and go to my  mother but I see her cleaning the kitchen. To avoid her scolding, I also join her in cleaning


I make her happy and somehow ask her to join me. This is how I overcome my  fear at night , without no one coming to know about it..


Sometimes in the morning my mother leaves me alone and goes out for some work. My heart starts beating fast and with a smile on my face, I close the door as soon as she leaves. Then the fear begins. There is silence in the whole  house. In fear, I close all the windows and switch on the bluetooth speaker with loud music so that ghosts do not take me. I dance to the music till my mother  comesAnd this is how I overcome my fear in the daytime !!!


This is why no one in my house knew about my fear, and I was called the BRAVE child. But after writing about this topic, everyone in my house came to know about my fear. My mother smiled and hugged me tightly, after I wrote on this topic


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