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Nature – Evenings And Memories | Bookosmia

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Rahul Khamari
Ever wondered about the evening? 14 year old Rahul Khamari, a Bookosmian from Kantabanji, Odisha, writes a poem that might just make you look at evenings in a way never before seen!
He goes to JMJ English medium school, Kantabanji.

Nature – Evenings And Memories | Bookosmia


Nature - Evenings and memories


Following the sun,leading the moon
Comes the evening after the noon.
Comes the evening to cast its gloom.

To the evening looks like a fight.
A fight between hope and fear cast on everything in sight.

Evening, the merry combination of hope and fear,
Gives a merry smile or sometimes tear.
But there is nothing to fear,
As its only the merry evening my dear.

Evening brings together the beauty and the beast,
Served together as a feast.
Some fear the beast,
But some enjoy the beauty even at least.

At the last when the evening gets faded,
Everything on the earth gets dead.
In their homes they all pray in their bed,
For the merry light which now has shed.

They all pray for the evening again,
With all its memories in their vein.
They remember the gloomy fight,
As they pray for the return of the light.



Nature - Evenings and memories



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