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‘Night Prayer’ by 6 year old Alisa Mary Pacheco from Mumbai

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Alisa Mary Pacheco

Hey there friends, Sara here!  6 year old Alisa Mary Pacheco from Mumbai shares her beautiful bedtime prayer, which includes not just her immediate family but people far and wide.


Alisa Mary Pacheco is a student of Bai Avabai Framji Petit Girls High School, Mumbai

‘Night Prayer’ by 6 year old Alisa Mary Pacheco from Mumbai

Thank you God for nature.
Thank you God for fresh air.

Make my parents and grandparents,
Stay healthy every day.

Keep families safe, fit and united.
Make Covid-19 go away soon.

Help scientists create a syrup to cure Covid-19,
Because children are scared of vaccination.

Give migrants and poor people a table of food, jobs and secure homes.
Help those who have plenty of food, water, toys and money,
To share with those who have none.

I am grateful for everything you give me.
Thank you God!


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