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Online School – I Miss Tiffins At Lunch Break | Bookosmia

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Ayaan Chettiar
Hey friends! Sara, here.  Ah! Those days of lunch recess bell and yummy tiffin shared with friends! 11 year old Ayaan Chettiar, a Bookosmian from Ahmedabad, missed that the most. What about you?
He goes to Global Indian International School.

Online School – I Miss Tiffins At Lunch Break | Bookosmia


Online school - I miss tiffins at lunch break

At a time, that feels so long ago,
Me and my friends sat together you know
We opened our tiffins in unison, we did,
Our cheeky little hands lifted the lids.

Nuts and fruits and biscuits, oh yum!
Snacks, and crackers and cheese for our tums,
Potato wafers that let out a crunch,
All of it inside our tiffins at lunch.

Talking and playing,
And giggling and saying,
As we munched on our feast,
It was quite a treat.

The table was full of chatter and joy,
And yes, we had an amazing time,
All fun and no work, on our turf,
That was the time of tiffins at lunch.

Of course, today, all we can do,
Is think back upon those lunches and brew,
Of fun and talk, of joy utmost,
And feel as if there’s a lot that we’ve lost.

But one day in the future, oh one glorious day,
When the time rises for fun and play,
When schools shall open, and in we’ll rush,
Once more, there’ll be tiffins at lunch…


Online school - I miss tiffins at lunch break


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