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‘Phone addiction’ Essay by 12 year old Bookosmian from Chennai

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A Harish

Hey everyone, Sara here. 12 year old A Harish from Chennai writes about the much talked about ‘phone addiction’ that we witness in our youngsters today.


A Harish is a student of NSN Memorial School, Chitlapakkam, Chennai

‘Phone addiction’ Essay by 12 year old Bookosmian from Chennai

A year back when I looked at my mother’s phone she objected strongly to it. When the Covid-19 situation arose I had to use my mother’s phone for almost 8 hours a day for my regular online classes. It was a drastic change from what I had been through since I first used a cell phone. My mother reluctantly accepted the use of a cell phone though she was acutely aware of it’s over use. 

The first casualty of this ‘unnatural use of cell phone’ is that young children like me have almost forgotten the pleasure of playing with friends and going out of the house for fun and socialising. It has affected our physical and mental development. Online sessions and home work take several hours to complete so children are dependent on cell phones and forced to use cell phones the whole day. I have friends frequently complaining about eye problems, headache and loss of concentration ever since they have been using cell phones. 

Doctors say that cell phone use may damage the brain tissue, affect eyes and make changes in mental abilities. It’s time for us to think wisely on the use of cell phones. I pray to god for us to return to normal School life, a life without cell phones. 


I wish my juniors will not undergo the stress that we have been through. I suggest that cell phones be used for taking classes but homework must be based on text book. I suggest that weekends must be free with no homework, so that at least on these two days the students are not forced to use cell phones. It is my humble request to all that minimizing the needs of cell phones for education is the call of the day.



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