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Plant Trees – Best Books From The Wise Old Book Tree | Bookosmia

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Riddhima Jain
Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. 9 year old Riddhima Jain, a Bookosmian from Delhi, pens a creative piece about a book tree and an important message about nature. What’s your message to preserve nature?
She goes to Gyan Bharti school, Saket.

Plant Trees – Best Books From The Wise Old Book Tree | Bookosmia



Plant trees -  Best books from the wise old book tree



Can you guess who I am? I am a book tree. I give books and knowledge.
My journey started in India. Whosoever is a book lover will find me special. If you sat under my shade and wanted to read a book and you wished for it, you would have a book in your hands. Whatever you like, you must tell me. I will give it you.
I grow lots of books, like funny, serious, thin, fat, activity, geography, magazines, newspapers and more. But if you pluck books from me, I will not give you any book the next time. I will also disappear from your country. You should learn to respect all kinds of plants and trees only then I will come back to your country.
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