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Prank Gone Wrong – Sibling Things | Bookosmia

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S Keerthana Roy
Ready for some laughs? 14 year old S Keerthana Roy, a Bookosmian from Chennai played a prank that backfired!
She goes to NSN Memorial.

Prank Gone Wrong – Sibling Things | Bookosmia

Prank gone wrong - Sibling things


I have a cousin brother who lives next to my house. We would often play together. Once he was teasing me too much and I decided to teach him a lesson so I scattered some pebbles on the floor. I thought I would take his video as he slipped and waited but nothing happened. After a while, my mother came in and almost slipped! She began to ask who was this careless but I quietly left the room.
Till this day, no one knows how pebbles came inside the house. I don’t either. Right? Shhh! It’s our secret!
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