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Quidditch In School – Please Principal M’am? | Bookosmia


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Vedant Sanghvi
On World Letter Writing day, 10 year old Vedant Sanghvi, a Bookosmian from Kolkata writes a letter to his school principal requesting to include Quidditch as a school sport! What sport would you suggest?
Congrats to Word Munchers for nurturing his creativity. He goes to The Heritage School.

Quidditch In School – Please Principal M’am? | Bookosmia

Quidditch in school - Please Principal m’am?


Dear Principal Ma’am,

Two days ago you expressed your desire that The Heritage School needed a new sport. Well, I have just the sport in mind.

The sport that I was thinking about is quidditch. Quidditch is played on brooms that fly magically.

This game has seven players; one seeker, one keeper, two beaters and three chasers.

There are three kinds of balls. A quaffle, 2 bludgers and a golden snitch. The golden snitch is as small as a walnut and has silver wings. The bludgers are enchanted and fly around trying to knock out other players from their brooms.

Quidditch in school - Please Principal m’am?

There are three hoops in which you throw the quaffle. Every time you throw the quaffle through the hoop you get ten points. The beaters attempt to hit the opposing team’s players with bludgers. The chasers control the quaffle and try to throw it through the hoop. The seeker tries to catch the golden snitch which ends the game and gives the team 150 points. This will instil balance among the children and also teach them to defend themselves.

Quidditch in school - Please Principal m’am?

Who knows, we may even find who, amongst our students have magical powers!


Awaiting your positive reply.


Kind regards,

Vedant Sanghvi


PS :  Qudditch is the best sport. You won’t regret choosing this as the new sport of the school. This game is fun and very entertaining.

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40 Replies to “Quidditch In School – Please Principal M’am? | Bookosmia”

  • Bali Sanghvi

    Well done Vedant ! Proud of you !!!

  • Shilpa agarwal

    Bful work..super proud

  • henna agarwal

    So detailed about the game Vedant. Loved it

  • Kerrilee Gomes

    Beautiful expressed Vedant!

  • Shalini

    Verdant, you’ve given a perfect depiction of the game!! I do hope your request is accepted by Principal ma’am!

    Very well written:)


    What an exciting game. I wish someone had thought of this when we were in school. Hope your principal considers this excellent proposal vedant! Very well articulated.

  • Mukesh Sanghvi

    Vedant this is very interesting game, from where did u find this game, u have described it so well, keep it up really proud of you

  • Mukesh Bhansali

    Hi Vedant !!! Though not very familiar with this sport but it seems exciting and should you principal accept you proposal then I would be happy to watch it !!! Do keep me posted of the developments from time to time on this .
    Next you have expressed your views to your principal very nicely !!!! All the best to you in your endeavors
    Mukesh Bhansali

  • Mukesh Bhansali

    You to read as your . Regret error
    Mukesh Bhansali

  • Sweta jhawar

    Vedant you have Beautifully described the game.
    Very well written .


    Congratulations Vedant. ! Wishing you that your wish for this sport comes true in school .! very well expressed .!


    Very well written , Vedant , Beautiful

  • Mysterious blader


  • vinraman

    So fluidly expressed
    Good going Vedant??

  • Meenakshi Sanghvi

    Wow Vedant your description of Quidditch was so
    Good, your writing brought it to life for me!! Well done!!!:)

  • Meenakshi Sanghvi

    You did such a Good job describing the game Vedant! Your writing brought it to life for me! Well done!:)

  • The sport sounds so exciting…excellent write up Vedant !!

  • Chaitali Chakravorty

    So proud of you vedant…very well written

  • Rupak Ghosh

    I must confess that I really understood the game today after reading your letter Vedant!. Hope your request is acceded to.All the best in your future endeavours.

  • Rupak Ghosh

    I understood the game finally after all these years today after reading your letter of request. Brilliantly penned ! Hope your request is acceded to.

  • Kirti Dani

    Vedant congratulations v v proud of you with love and blessings ????

  • Niki Mehta

    I agree, it’s an interesting game. Hope your principal agrees to your idea!

  • Darshan Sanghvi

    Your idea of Qiidditch is just out of the Box.Let your Imagination grow by leaps and bounds.God Bless

  • Nazneen Alamgir

    Wonderful. Way to go Vedant.

  • Priti Sen Arora

    Great job describing the quidditch game to your principal, now all we need to do is shower some magic dust and get her to approve the game 😉
    Keep up with your creative writing skills Vedant

  • Dhiraj

    Vedant you have given Principal ma’am a very detailed description of the sport. We hope she also agrees to include it. Keep up the good work!

  • Rupannita ghosh

    Well done vedant..very innovative sport..keep up the good work.. ?

  • Kingston kong

    Awesome vedant

  • Prashant Mehrotra

    Well done Vedant, hope this comes through with a little bit of magic.

  • Zoia Ali Shah

    Vedant the story was very interesting and I am very proud of you . Congratulations ?

  • Shubhra shah

    Very well written Vedant. Loved it.

  • Shubhra shah

    Well written vedant keep it up

  • Poonam

    Well written Vedant! Credit also goes to your parents for supporting you at every step

  • Shweta Shukla

    Wow Vedant, interesting sport! Hope Principal Ma’am accepts your request! Best of luck!

  • Megha

    Amazing description of the game Vedant! All of you children have magical powers to make us smile and be happy so sure hope your request is accepted!

  • Kanchan Rajda

    Very well written.. interesting support.. all the best !!!

  • Aliya

    That was very exciting to read, Vedant. Keep it up ??

  • Vineet Kumar Sharma

    Love and blessings vedant.

  • Ryela

    Well done Vedant. A unique game indeed?

  • Thank you everyone for your comments for Vedant. He has read them all and has thanked everyone for all the praises and encouragement.

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