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‘Adventures at the Shore’ Poem by 12 year old Bookosmian from Mumbai

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Samaira Bhansali

Hola, Sara here! 12 year old Samaira Bhansali from Mumbai shares this exciting poem of her adventures with a whale.


Samaira is a student of Cathedral School, Mumbai. She attends Little Kathakar Writers’ Club by Not Just Tales founder KathaVachak Khushboo

‘Adventures at the Shore’ Poem by 12 year old Bookosmian from Mumbai

Adventures at the Shore

The beach is the best way,
To start a great day.

But when I went this Sunday,
I saw a patch of grey.

Was it a shadow?
Was it a seaweed?
Was it a bird?
I didn’t really care.

I was busy enjoying ,
Resting and sunbathing,
Building and digging,
Eating and sipping.

Then again, I noticed it,
I became uneasy, I had to admit.
I decided this was the limit,
I had to go investigating a bit.

I swam close to the patch,
And here comes the catch.
I saw its tail thrash,
And panic filled me in a flash.

I swam back to shore,
What I had seen, I was sure.
Was a whale being washed ashore?
It was not something to ignore.

I called and called for help,
I screamed and I yelped.
My parents came and knelt,
I pointed, oh, how scared I felt!

The Marine Shelter came,
And took it in.


I felt a sense of shame,
And felt I was to blame.


At night that day I prayed,
That the whale would be okay.

But there was no need to be afraid,
For the whale had been saved!


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