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‘An Old Neem Tree’ A powerful story by 8 year old Bookosmian from Chennai #deforestation

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S. Sanjana

Hey everyone, your friend Sara here! 8 year old S.Sanjana from Chennai shares this powerful story to wake us up to the issues of deforestation.


Sanjana is a student of NSN Memorial School, Chitlapakkam, Chennai

‘An Old Neem Tree’ A powerful story by 8 year old Bookosmian from Chennai #deforestation

“Wake up, you are getting late,” said my Mom.
I am a part of a Science Club in my school and my teachers were planning for a  visit to the nearby local forest, to help us learn about plants and insects. All of us were excited!
We reached the forest. Our teacher  asked us to pair up and we started  walking into the woods. The sad part was that we were not able to see much of trees there. We saw some shrubs, bushes and some butterflies. Here and  there, we saw some huge trees.
Suddenly, I heard some noise. When I turned back, I saw a tall old NEEM TREE.I continued walking. Again ,I heard the same noise.
With confusion and curiosity, I saw the Neem tree weeping. I could not believe  my eyes. I went near the tree and asked how could it talk, and what was the reason to cry?
The tree said that a gang of people used to come at night and cut down the trees. The people residing near by were not aware of it. If this continued, the forest will be destroyed. “Please help us!” said the Neem tree.
After hearing this, I called my friends and told them what had happened, but no one believed me. So I went and informed some people residing there. I asked them to monitor the forest at night.
Next day the same people came to my house and said that they caught the gang and handed over to the forest department. The people appreciated and thanked me.
Next week I went to the same forest with my parents. The old Neem tree was so happy and it shed it’s leaves and flowers on me.
The Neem tree said, “Thank you so much, dear. You saved the forest.”
Even now I can’t believe it happened. Did we become so inattentive as humans, that a tree had to come alive and talk to us, to save our own forest?
Avoid deforestation.

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