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‘Rain on Me’ Adorable Story by 7 year old Bookosmian from Mumbai

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Hey everyone, Sara here! 7 year old Keshav Lodha from Navi Mumbai shares this adorable story which will definitely put a smile on your face. Read on!



‘Rain on Me’ Adorable Story by 7 year old Bookosmian from Mumbai

Cloud: I want to rain. I want somebody. Oh hi, Mr. Dog.

Dog: Hi, cloud.
Cloud: Can I rain on you?
Dog: No, no! My furs get wet.
Cloud: I don’t want to disturb you, sorry. l love to rain, so I asked you.
Cloud: La la la. Hello, Mr Horse ?, can I rain on you.
Mr Horse: No, my mane will get wet. Ask someone else.
Cloud: Ok. Mr.Horse
Now cloud’s smile vanished.
Cloud: La la la la, hello Mrs. Butterfly ? Can I rain on you?
Butterfly: No, not on me. If my wings get wet and I can’t fly.
Cloud: Ok.
Cloud thought, “I won’t give up. I try.La la la hello Mrs peacock ?,can I rain on you.
Peacock: No, yesterday was raining so my wings get wet and I don’t want my wings to wet again.
Cloud: Ok. La la la la
Frog ?: Rain ?? on me.
Duck: Rain on me.
Cloud: Really?
Turtle ?: Wait for me, I am also coming.
Cloud feels happy and starts raining.
And then ? sun came out and rainbow ? is formed.
Cloud grinned to himself, “Never give up.”

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