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‘The Lizard Man’ A creative story for you, by 10 year Bookosmian from Kolkata

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Aryaveer Agarwal

Hey friends, Sara here! Here is 10 year old Aryaveer Agarwal from Kolkata with an amazingly creative story. What would you do if you woke up as a lizard?


Aryaveer is a student of La Martiniere for Boys, Kolkata

‘The Lizard Man’ A creative story for you, by 10 year Bookosmian from Kolkata

One day I woke up and found out I was a lizard. A reptile! Wait, maybe that wasn’t so bad.
I would only eat other insects for breakfast, lunch and dinner but I also wouldn’t have to go to school and was completely free from studies and tensions.
I was getting hungry so I looked for other insects but found none. I tried to eat some leftover Italian food and got to eat dessert and pizza. Not a bad menu for a lizard! I looked for a napkin to clean myself when I realized it was time to go to school. Then I remembered I didn’t have to go since I was a lizard, still I decided to go just to eat some of the cafeteria food.
I was really enjoying life as a lizard until a man stomped on me. Before I could recover, a car almost ran on me. I tried to run back to home where I could be safe but got lost on my way back. Everything looked so different. Somehow I made it back. What a day it was!


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