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‘The seven colours of RAINBOW’ Essay by 9 year old Bookosmian from Ranchi

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Sia Patel

Hi friends, Sara here! A few days back on 18th Dec 2020 was Minorities Rights Day.  This thoughtful essay by 9 year old Sia Patel from Ranchi is a perfect read on the importance of carrying EVERYONE along, as we go.


Sia is a student of Loreto Convent, Ranchi

‘The seven colours of RAINBOW’ Essay by 9 year old Bookosmian from Ranchi

When I was small, my dad always told me how important it is to love and  respect every individual, be it our own family members or strangers.


He always gave me the example of a rainbow.


How people looked forward to see the rainbow after the rains. The colours when united looks so beautiful and have a different identity, just like our  country. Unity in diversity.


The seven colours of RAINBOW always lived happily together.

One day the colours started to fight among themselves on how important and powerful they are individually.  They forgot how beautiful they looked united.  Each colour wanted to show off their own importance. Because of the fight they started living separately.

Kids got disappointed as they could no longer spot the rainbow after the rains and sunshine.

Rainbows were only in stories and pictures now. Soon people stopped looking for rainbow in the sky. The colours were so busy fighting that they never realized that slowly they were losing their significance.

The colours started living separately, sad and lonely.

They lost their charm.


One day a little girl heard stories about rainbow from her Grandmother. She  was upset to hear about their fights and decided to make all the seven colours  friends again.


She went to meet all the colours and showed them the pictures when they  lived together. How happy and colourful they looked ?

Slowly the colours realized how powerful and beautiful they looked when  united.


Together they brought smile and happiness into so many people’s life. They  never fought again and promised to stay together.


If every individual realizes their role and importance in staying together, there will be no hatred in the world.


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