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‘The Witch’ Story by 7 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

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Aditri Ghosh

Can a witch have a heart of gold? 7 year old Aditri Ghosh answers the question in her creative story. Read on.


Aditri Ghosh is a student of G.D.Birla Centre for Education, Kolkata

‘The Witch’ Story by 7 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

Once upon a time there was a broken house. Many people said that a witch lived there. But a little girl thought that she would like to go to the house.

When the girl reached in, she saw the witch. Very soon the girl and the witch became friends. The witch said the girl could stay with the witch for a few days. The girl and the witch played with each other, shared lovely stories with each other. The little girl spoke about her world and the witch spoke about her own world. In many ways the little girl felt the witch was kinder than a lot  of other humans she met.


After staying in the house for many days, the little girl wanted to go home. The witch gave lots of gold to her as a gift.


The people living there had known that the house belonged to a witch but they were all scared of her and hated her. They did not know that she was good as no one visited her. After seeing how the girl became friends with the witch, many people went to the house and came back with gold.


No one was scared of the witch any more.

Everyone realized that we must not judge anyone. Even a witch can become a true friend.


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