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Robot Invention – Making Homework Easy | Bookosmia

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Atharva Agarwal

A robot to do your homework! Who wants one? 7 year old Atharva Agarwal, a Bookosmian from Kolkata seems to have invented it!


Congrats to Word Munchers for nurturing his creativity. He goes to La Martiniere School for Boys.


Robot Invention – Making Homework Easy | Bookosmia


Robot invention - Making homework easy

It was a bright sunny morning when I heard the best news of my life. One month ago I made a dinosaur robot with my own hands. My robot was a child friendly robot. I gave him an artificial brain to work. It could help children do their homework. This invention was liked by the Indian scientists association and I was to be awarded for this soon.


I couldn’t believe when I heard that I will be seen on the television with the prime minister. On hearing the wonderful news, I screamed out and jumped up and down the bed and ran all over the house.


Robot invention - Making homework easy


Everybody at home was amazed to hear the thrilling news. The good news reached all my relatives, friends, teachers who congratulated and praised me. My parents bought me my favourite I-pad and allowed me to call my friends for a sleepover.


School teachers encouraged me by cheering for me when I was on the stage speaking on the microphone in front of the whole school.


Robot invention - Making homework easy


From that day, I decided to invent more things to help others and make everyone feel proud of me. It changed my life as I became more serious with my work.


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