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Robots Vs Animals – The Showdown | Bookosmia

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S.Hithyaasan Raghauv

Hello! Your friend, Sara here. It’s the year 2265 and humans prefer robot pets over animals. Can the wildlife be saved? 9 year old S.Hithyaasan Raghauv, a Bookosmian from Chennai tells this gripping futuristic tale. Do read to find out what happens!

Hithyaasan is a student of Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Senior Secondary School, Chennai.

Robots Vs Animals – The Showdown | Bookosmia

It was the year 2265 and humans had overpowered the laws of nature! Humans could make their own food, water and air without animals or plants.

A boy tore the newspaper into pieces.

The newspaper read:

We are introducing Petobots! Starting from $156 only!

Robots vs animals - The showdown


“Robots, Robots, Robots.No care for animals nowadays.Animals get care only when they become pets. Now these robots have taken this space too,” he said sadly and stroked his pet Golden Retriever, Bailey.


“I will never buy a fancy robot to replace you, Bailey.”


People were now preferring robots as pets.


This 8-year old boy named Oliver did not like that idea. He simply loved animals. His grand mom always talked about how we should protect nature and wildlife and not care only about one race, humans.


There was a lot of news about robot pets on social media. They were so attractive that Oliver’s best friend had already bought one robot dog.

The next day he found a dog in the street, which was crying as it had lost its leg. Oliver immediately called his parents who took it to the vets and gave it to Blue Cross (which was luckily open still) but he learnt that the organization was closing soon.

Robots vs animals - The showdown


And from that day on he saved all the suffering animals on the street and kept them with him. Everyone in his family supported him.


‘Artificial intelligence is going to make humans extinct someday. Humans will regret it that time,’ thought Oliver.


He made lots of posters on saving animals and wildlife. He posted them on social media with the help of his parents.


After two months he saw a picture about a competition. It was about real animals vs. robot animals! The picture said ‘REAL VS ARTIFICIAL who will win?’ If someone wants to join please mail us at


Oliver was so happy! He immediately signed in to the competition.


On the day of the competition, he was so excited. Bailey was already a very skilled, trained and healthy dog so he did not need much training. When it was Oliver’s turn, his dad hugged him and sent him to the stage.


Robots vs animals - The showdown


He started “Humans have conquered everything and now they have made the earth for themselves. There is no place for other living beings. Bailey and I are here to show you how beautiful the world will be if the wildlife is preserved.”


When it was time to show Bailey, he simply sniffed something and ran somewhere else!


Everyone started laughing! And some people also said “Robots are the best. See, your dog ran away.”


When Oliver ran behind Bailey he found that his dog had actually smelled smoke and saved a baby girl from getting burnt!

Everyone helped Oliver to take Bailey to the hospital. The next day, the newspaper headline said-‘THE DOG WHICH MADE HUMANS REALISE WE SHOULD PRESERVE WILDLIFE’.

Just when he was reading it, his dad came in and said sadly “Bailey died because of huge amounts of smoke inhalation.”

“You needed to die to prove that animals are better,” Oliver cried.

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