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Save Trees -Make Our Earth Green | Bookosmia

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Bookosmia Spotlight

Kyna Kohli

Nature is incredible. Especially if it talks! Come listen to a tree, in this creative poem by 8 year old Kyna Kohli, a Bookosmian from Bangalore.


Congrats to Illuminatrix for nurturing her creativity.

Save Trees -Make Our Earth Green | Bookosmia


Save trees -Make our earth green


Hi, I am a tree,

I give you oxygen for free.

When its sunny come under me,

Stop cutting me it’s a plea.


I give you fruit and flower,

And I can also save you from a rain shower.


Birds make nests on me,

I don’t even charge them a fee.


Two natural resources, soil and water help me grow,

I flourish from the seed your sow.


I am kind to you all,

And I shed in the fall.


You make houses from my wood,

Don’t you think I am really good?


Save trees -Make our earth green


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