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Snow Drops – Winter Is Coming | Bookosmia

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Sashrika Prasad
Universally, today is celebrated as children’s day! Yay! 10 year old Sashrika Prasad, a Bookosmian from Gurgaon enjoys the day by composing a cute poem. What do you plan to do?
Congrats to Not Just Tales by Khusshbo for nurturing her creativity.

Snow Drops – Winter Is Coming | Bookosmia

Snow Drops - Winter is coming


S – Serenely beautiful

N – Natural white is what your petals hold

O – Ornamental colour of your bouquets

W – Wide species of snow drops that glow


D- Dreams of people should be held on you, so

R – Relaxing and attractive are you

O- Open wide and shine your winged petals

P- Patient, peaceful and perfect should be your name

S – Sweet, soft and amazing are you


Snow Drops - Winter is coming


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