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Snowy Winter – Meeting A Talking Snowman | Bookosmia

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Kinjal Bhardwaj
What if a snowman became your friend? 10 year old Kinjal Bhardwaj, a Bookosmian from Pathankot, imagines this delightful scenario!
She goes to Indian Heritage School.

Snowy Winter – Meeting A Talking Snowman | Bookosmia

Snowy winter - Meeting a talking snowman
It was a snowy day when I approached the park. No one was there. I saw a gorgeous house made of snow and felt overjoyed.
Excitedly, I entered that house and realized it was completely made of ice and resembled an Igloo. It was huge, like a palace and empty which scared me.
Snowy winter - Meeting a talking snowman
On one end of the palace a board read, ‘Snowy  world’.  Suddenly I saw a huge snowman walking towards me. I was really freaked out and was about to run.
Suddenly, the snowman spoke and said “Wait! I will not hurt you.” I stopped but still trembled.
He said, “I am alone here, from thousands of years, will you be my friend?” I thought, why not?
Interestingly, in a few hours we became best friends and shared a lot of stuff. I made a tour to the snowy world. He showed me his diamond which was very ancient as well as precious for him.
Snowy winter - Meeting a talking snowman
Suddenly, the snowman began to tremble. I couldn’t understand. He pointed to the window. Bright sun was out and the sunlight came flooding inside the palace.
Soon, only puddles of water remained of the snow palace. I returned home sad. The next morning I woke up and saw that the snow was back! I couldn’t wait to go meet my new friend.
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