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Space in Trouble- Read Story with Sara

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Bookosmia Spotlight

Saveer Aggarwal

Hello lovely people, your best friend Sara here. Watch out for this graphic story by 5 year old Saveer Aggarwal from Gurgaon. Only 5 and a storyteller cum illustrator- all rolled into one.


Saveer Aggarwal is a student of Pathways, Gurgaon

Space in Trouble- Read Story with Sara

Vulture man and his team are in space, a little far away from planet Earth.

Vulture man is half man and half vulture. He has wings instead of hands.

Read with Sara Vulture Man Bookosmia

They are looking for a magical box full of powers, to take over the world. Vulture has already found the key that will open this box.

Astronaut has come to stop vulture man.

Read with Sara Astronaut Bookosmia

Vulture man wants to do bad things if he gets power.

Read with Sara Astronaut Vulture Man Bookosmia

Astronaut and vulture man fight with power and might. In the end our hero – the astronaut, wins and saves the world.


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