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Taste The Colours Of The Rainbow | Bookosmia

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Savvya Gupta

Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. If you could taste the colours of the rainbow, what would they be like? 7 year old Savvya Gupta, a Bookosmian from Kolkata imagines this delicious scenario in this super creative poem! What would the rainbow taste like according to you? Tell us!

Savvya is a student of Word Munchers and goes to La Martiniere for Boys.

This poem was one of the winning entries at a poetry writing competition organised by Word Munchers for LItWit 2, a fest celebrating creativity organised by Word Munchers and VR Books.


Taste The Colours Of The Rainbow | Bookosmia

Taste the Colours of the rainbow


I tasted the colours of the rainbow

Red told me to be slow

Blue gave me a taste of the sky

Indigo was very shy

Yellow was very dear

Green colour did not fear

Orange told me to be sweet

But Violet didn’t want me to eat!

Taste the Colours of the rainbow



About the author-

Savvya Gupta, 7, Kolkata


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