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The Adventures Of A Young Boy | Bookosmia

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Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. 11 year old Yachna, a Bookosmian from Sharjah brings to us a heartwarming story of a 14 year old boy who doesn’t have an easy life but takes his learnings as a series of adventures.

Yachna is a student of D.P.S Sharjah.

The Adventures Of A Young Boy | Bookosmia

Hey, I’m Edward Britney, who looks like an ordinary 14-year-old, but my life is not as any other teen’s life. I used to live in Laurel in Mississippi.
Life in Mississippi was tough as most people were below the poverty line. I was just a normal farm boy; I used to build furniture and sell crops. Studying was just not a word in my dictionary, even though I loved reading books.


The adventures of a young boy


The school which was a hut with broken walls was 3 miles away which took me around 45-50 minutes to walk and even if the school were closer it was still impossible for me to study because my parents had fallen ill and could barely even stand or eat so its obvious who did the household chores, me! So now you can guess how I became an orphan, my parents were just so ill and eventually passed away.


After this incident I was taken to an orphanage in Hattiesburg. It was 27 miles away and we were on a wagon with a limping horse, the journey took us 9 hours which we completed in two days.

The orphanage was called Youth villages. Now this orphanage didn’t look like what I had pictured. It was a sketchy place with huts so small that it could barely fit two people with luggage. There were only 12 children and none of them were of my age or older. I was put in a room with a 7-year-old. The warden told me his back story and that he was not vocal and always quiet. she appointed me as his buddy (friend to help someone).

It was 8 pm, the usual dinner time for me but not for this orphanage. Dinners were never prepared. Don’t even get me started for the morning meal and luncheon! For breakfast we were given 9 dollars and 50 cents each to spend. So, I’d go to the closest soup shop and buy a vegetable soup with noodles for 6 dollars and some bread for a dollar and save the rest of the money to buy a book.


The adventures of a young boy


Lunch wasn’t prepared either, if we were ought to eat, we’d had to go fishing for black crappies (type of fish) or buy something with the rest of the money.

Now let’s talk more about my little friend, his name is Ender no, he isn’t that Ender Pearl from the 21stcentury Minecraft game. Ender was just not an excited or happy boy, he had black eyes and brown hair and everyday I’d fish him some blue gills or take him to wander the grasslands. This was the only time when he would be excited or happy about.

After a month of staying there I was just not feeling it. I was tired of buying food for breakfast and fishing everyday at noon. It was exhausting and I was hankering to read a book and for all these weeks they couldn’t arrange books and I couldn’t afford one.

I needed a plan to escape. Just before bed I made up my mind and was convinced that my plan will work out.

The next day I went to the soup shop except this time I went to ask for a wagon with just one horse. I had to use the 11 dollars from my savings and the 19 dollars from mine and Enders breakfast money. I now had 30 dollars in total, which was perfect for a wagon.I couldn’t leave Ender alone knowing that he would be lonesome again and decided to take him with me.


The adventures of a young boy

I woke up Ender saying that I’ll take him to see snow. Don’t laugh at me it was the only thing I could think to say.


After he woke up, we ran from the fields took some water, hay, clothes, some rice grains, few blankets, clay pots, a pitcher and a little knife. I loaded the items and boarded the wagon. I sat on the horse and begun driving the wagon.

After the 2 hours ride, I found a safe place to camp it was a cave in the middle of the village. The villagers had never seen us so I knew they wouldn’t send us back.

The next morning, I picked up the branches that had fallen and made a fire. I poured some water and 2 cups of rice in the clay pot and boiled it. By the time the rice was boiling I caught some tilapias (freshwater fish), put it on the stick and cooked it after the rice was done. By this time Ender woke up and was more excited than ever after seeing animals that were around us and even those pesty lizards.


Then Ender began acting up and wanted to build a hut since he loved the tiny huts we lived in at the Orphanage. So, with a few farmers help I built a hut and had to pay 13 dollars, but the hut was quite spacious, so I gave my wagon to the chief of the village there and shifted our stuff to the hut.


In terms of nature hunting and finding unique animals Mississippi is amazing. But after a while I was bored as there was nothing to do, and I wondered if the orphanage had begun a search for us or they just didn’t care.


We decided to leave the hut and thanked the villagers for their hospitality. Next morning we packed up and left on our wagon turns out I wasn’t smart at all as the wardens from the orphanage out on a search for us.


Eventually they found us they were very worried. I didn’t think they would really care but most of the wardens had tears in their eyes and hugged us as if we were very dear to them.


I realized and felt guilty about what I had done because the reason why they didn’t provide good meals was because they couldn’t afford it and also so that we could become independent and have our adventures while living in the orphanage.


After this journey I understood to always talk with someone if I don’t like something or want something or don’t feel comfortable. I hope you enjoyed my journey and learnt some new things.

I’ll see you on my next adventure.

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