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‘The day I woke up and found I was a chalk piece’ Story by 9 year old Anisha Binaykia from Kolkata

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Anisha Binaykia

Allo friends, Sara here! 9 year old Anisha Binaykia from Kolkata shares this amazing flight of fantasy, to deliver an important message.

‘The day I woke up and found I was a chalk piece’ Story by 9 year old Anisha Binaykia from Kolkata

One fine day I woke up and saw myself shrinking into a peanut sized chalk.


A chalk? Wait! Why? How?

All these questions were running through my mind. But before I could make sense of my surroundings, I was thrown in a dustbin by a staff of the school. 


Somehow I managed to get out of that smelly dustbin and stumbled upon my fellow mates in the principal’s room. It was chaotic. The humans were saying that since schools have gone online, there is no need for chalks and  blackboards. 


I muttered to my fellow mates to be cool and to not panic. I stepped ahead and greeted the humans. 


I said firmly that even though schooling has become online, we have our advantages too. We chalk are less expensive, no need to install anything and we can be erased whenever required. Most importantly, too much digital learning is harmful for children leading to a poor eyesight and a poor creative thinking ability.


I don’t know what I was talking about but I surely knew that this was our last chance of survival. Few chalk smirked, while others thought it was an incredible idea.


I felt like a superhero. 


Suddenly I was thrown into the dustbin along with the other chalk. That’s when I realized the humans cannot hear us. 


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