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‘The Day Muchilal The Monkey Learnt To Jump’ Story by 9 year old Bookosmian from Delhi

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Nandini Maheshwari

Hey friends! Sara here. Many a time, we don’t know our own strengths. 9 year old Nandini Maheshwari from Delhi writes a story about a monkey that learnt to conquer its fear thanks to a wise old Orangutan.


Nandini is a student of Chamatkaar and goes to Air Force Bal Bharti School.

‘The Day Muchilal The Monkey Learnt To Jump’ Story by 9 year old Bookosmian from Delhi

Muchilal was a very handsome monkey. He had a big moustache. He wore a colorful turban. He was very polite and friendly. But he had a problem. He was afraid to jump. He used to think he would fall down if he tried to jump. Many mean monkeys in the tribe teased Muchilal a lot for being afraid.

He decided to go to the old wise orangutan to learn how to jump. The orangutan told him to fast for one day and Muchilal did so. He didn’t eat anything, not even his favorite bananas. He was starving badly.

Then the old wise orangutan hung some bananas on a very high branch of a tree. As soon as the fast got over, Muchilal was eager to munch something to satisfy his hunger.

The orangutan told Muchilal that now that his fast has got over, he can eat his favourite food – bananas. But to eat them he has to jump over the highest branch.

Initially, Muchilal was nervous but he was so hungry that he jumped to the highest branch with a big leap. Muchilal gulped the bananas and he also realized that he could finally jump.


This is how he overcame his fear.


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