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The First Time I Had Tea …. | Bookosmia

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Vedika Sriram
Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. 9 year old Vedika Sriram, a Bookosmian from Bangalore had tea for the first time and she loved it so much, she wrote a poem about it! Isn’t that Tea-rriffic!
Vedika is a student of Ekya School, Btm Layout.

The First Time I Had Tea …. | Bookosmia

The First Time I Had Tea ….


The First time I had tea it was just amazing,
It was super hot and very pleasing.

It made me ask my mom for more tea,
Which meant for me to plea and plea.

She made tea every day just for me,
So that I could be happy.

I just loved tea like anything,
And for me it was everything.

So there I was, the tea lover of the world
In happiness, I swirled and twirled.

The First Time I Had Tea ….




About the author-

Vedika Sriram, 9, Bangalore


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