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The Ice Cream Adventure | Bookosmia

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Sunishka Nahar
Hey fam! Sara here. I scream you scream, everyone screams – ice cream! 9 year old Sunishka Nahar, a Bookosmian from Bangalore writes about the time her love for ice cream helped catch the bad guys!
Sunishka is a student of Tale Spin and goes to National Hill View Public School.

The Ice Cream Adventure | Bookosmia

One day I went to ‘Naturals Ice-cream parlour’ and ordered a Chiku flavour.

The icecream adventure


It was yum but it was sweltering so it melted and fell down. My mom got me another one and it was guava flavour. It was also yum but a few guys were running and they pushed me when they ran.
The icecream adventure
My ice cream fell. My mom was kind enough to get me one more ice cream. I was happy but I was wondering about the guys who pushed me. I knew the art of lip reading so I understood they were thieves. I called the police and after some time the police arrived.
The icecream adventure
As soon as they arrived, they got into the act and captured the thieves before they could run away. My ice cream had saved the day!


About the author-

Sunishka Nahar, 9, Bangalore


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