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‘The Magical Sweater’ Story by 9 year old Aarna Chandak from Surat

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Aarna Chandak

Hi there, your friend Sara here! Ready for a joy ride, spinning off with great imagination? Here is 9 year old Aarna Chandak from Surat, taking us on one

‘The Magical Sweater’ Story by 9 year old Aarna Chandak from Surat

Once upon a time in Surat, I was sleeping and snoring loudly! My family had  shifted to a new house. My very own room was as big as my previous house.


Suddenly I felt someone shaking me and when I woke up, my room did not  having anything in it. Except a big box and my magic calendar. My calendar sang, “It’s your happy happy birthday, wake up.”


My mother who was sleeping in the next room, woke up and asked, “What’s the matter?”

I told her, “It’s my birthday!”

My mother replied, “Happy Birthday!”

My window flew open and it was too cold outside. So I thought of opening my presents, because one of my friends had gifted me a sweater with the  warmest fur from the countryside. My luck! The first present was a jacket with many little spots like a cheetah’s skin, and it was made from leather.


I wore it and something happened! When I wore it, my room melted and in  front of me was a lovely kingdom with a gate made out of cookies. The king’s castle was made out of chocolate. I had almost eaten every bit of the town, when the king’s son put me in a dark prison which had no light.

Finally, I found a hole, in which I could fit. When nobody was watching me, I  came out of prison and met one of my friends, who had worn a hat. Suddenly my jacket and my friend’s eyes popped out and they turned into king and  queen made of chocolates and cookies. They thanked us and showed us the way to the human world where we lived happily.


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