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The Positive Effects of This Covid-19 Pandemic | Bookosmia


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Satvika Suri
Hello good people! Your friend, Sara here. Whew! The academic year is coming to an end! 13 year old Satvika Suri, a Bookosmian from Bangalore looks back and finds a lot of positives to take from the new normal. How was the year for you? Tell us!
Satvika is a student of Jaigopal Garodia Rashtrotthana Vidya Kendra.

The Positive Effects of This Covid-19 Pandemic | Bookosmia

Honestly, the most negative word of the year 2020 is “positive”. Those were the days people said “bless you!” when you sneezed. Now they run away from us the moment we sneeze. And the only solution for this pandemic, till now, is staying at home. Who knew it would be this tiring? But, if we all just sit and moan about the negatives of this situation, I don’t really think anyone will be benefited. So, in this essay, I will be focusing on the positive effects of this pandemic.

Firstly, we kids felt that going out to a mall or the theatres are the only ways we can stay entertained during a weekend. But this pandemic showed us all different faces of fun. We can actually have twice the amount of fun we have at malls, sitting right at home! Board games, family time, socializing with our neighbours and a lot more. I have been so occupied with all this; I rarely have time to feel bored!

The positive effects of Covid 19


Secondly, this pandemic has made us kids learn a lot of simple household chores. We have all learnt at least one new thing during this pandemic. In fact, this situation has bought out a new phase of us! Some of us have now become singers, some dancers, some artists, some cooks and some are multi-talented! We have been stretched to our full potential.


The positive effects of Covid 19


Also, whenever we were sick, the first thing we did was going to the doctor and getting some medicines. We all never even gave a glance towards home-remedies. But right now, home remedies are the only thing the whole world is relying on.

The recipes of our grandmothers and their mothers are the only things most of us hope for to stay healthy. Turmeric water, warm water, tulsi-ginger, warm water with honey, and what not!


The positive effects of Covid 19


It has also made us realize the value of our Indian traditions like, washing our hand, legs, and face as soon as we get home. I mean, no one even cared to wash their hands before this pandemic, but now, if we don’t wash our hands, people don’t even touch us or don’t even come near us.


This generation mostly relies on technology for everything. Whenever an adult sees a gadget in a kid’s hand, they think we are being spoiled. But now, the same gadgets are the new ways of learning. This has made it so much easier. You sit at home and attend your school, sit at home and do your office work. And this has also made the whole world tech-savvy. People are making the most of what they have.

In conclusion, I say that this pandemic has taught us a lot of things.

Sure, it has its downsides, everything does, but it has shown us new ways of doing daily chores and a new way of living. So everyone, focus on the bright side, and stay happy!


About the author-

Satvika Suri, 14, Bangalore


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  • Ramya

    Well said Satvika ! The only way to make the most of a difficult situation is focusing on the positives???

  • Well said Satwika….keep it up?

  • Sai Sree

    Awesome Satvika

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