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‘The Secret Garden Of Birds And Animals’ Story by 11 year old Bookosmian from Mumbai


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Mishhka Lal

Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. 11 year old Mishhka Lal from Mumbai takes us with her to a secret garden where birds and animals live happily away from the sight of human beings. Wish we could also get invited some day!

Mishhka Lal goes to Lokhandwala Foundation School, Mumbai.

‘The Secret Garden Of Birds And Animals’ Story by 11 year old Bookosmian from Mumbai

One day I was jogging in the park when a bird landed on my fingers. It was blue in colour and small in size. To my surprise, I could talk to her and understand what she said.

Then she said, “Come with me I will show you a secret part of this beautiful park.” So I went with that bird.

She made me go through dirty puddles and rocky paths, but at last, when we reached there I was surprised to see a huge garden of flowers.

I saw Wild Roses, Yellow Daisies, Red Poppies and Purple Irises. Then the bird took me to a big tree which had a hole in it. There when I peeked into the hole I saw a squirrel and her whole family. There were millions of nuts in there for them to eat. Then on one branch of the tree, there was the family of the bird which was showing me the whole thing. They were so inviting unlike so so many people in the park who keep them chasing birds away.

Beside the tree, there was a rabbit’s hole and there was a cute family of rabbits. They were all having carrots for lunch. Then the bird took me to the end of the secret place where there was a beautiful waterfall. The waterfall had rainbow colours in it.

It was getting dark so I said to the bird that I should go home. The bird agreed but she made me promise that I should not tell anybody about the secret garden. She wasn’t sure that human beings would let them live peacefully if they found out.

Then I went to my mother who was waiting for me in the other part of the park. She asked me where I had gone, so I replied that I had gone to take a long jog in the park. She said, “Okay, but don’t go without telling me the next time.”

This usual park where I jogged all the time was nice with so many walkers and people exercising in the lap of nature. But the secret garden within the park was even better. I will always remember this amazing experience.



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