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‘The Surprise Visit ‘ Story by 8 year old Bookosmian from Sharjah


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Avani Tejesh Shinde
Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here. 8 year old Avani Tejesh Shinde from Sharjah writes this wonderful essay about misjudging someone only to realize how wonderful they are when you spend quality time with them.
Avani Tejesh Shinde is a student of DPS Sharjah, UAE.

‘The Surprise Visit ‘ Story by 8 year old Bookosmian from Sharjah

It was just a regular summer day; it was really hot and I was sitting in our backyard eating ice cream when my mom came and told me about aunt Nina visiting us. This got me disappointed because dad had said that he would take me to the pool but now that Aunt Nina was coming, I had to stay home to meet her.

Mom also mentioned that aunt was coming around at 5:00 pm so I still had half an hour, now that was the only good news for the day.
I finished my ice cream and returned to my room to watch a YouTube video. I was in the middle of my favorite show when I suddenly heard our doorbell going off, a ding-dong sound.


I heard my aunt shouting out for me. I was only halfway down the stairs when, out of nowhere, I heard some barking noises. As soon as I rushed down the stairs, I saw a puppy. I moved my hands over it and asked aunt Nina its name. She smiled and said, “I don’t know that’s why I bought it here, what do you think it should be called?”

I suggested, “Let us name it Candy as it is so sweet.”Aunt Nina gave a bigger smile and said that is a lovely name and declared that she would be staying here all week long. Suddenly I got an idea. I told aunt Nina that she could join me at the pool. She loved the idea. Candy came along too.

The pool’s water was warm and nice. I met some of my friends and even made a new one but that is a story for next time. We played underwater hide and seek and catch a ball and I totally forgot that I was sad that aunt Nina had come over. I introduced Candy to my best friend Abhilasha and her sister Anushka. They commented that Candy was adorable.

I told my friends that Aunt Nina had brought Candy here and that she will be staying all week. Then Aunt Nina revealed that she had in fact brought along Candy for me as a pet!
I took atleast ten minutes to come out of shock as I needed time to grasp this wonderful news.


As soon as I could, I gave Aunt Nina a bear hug and kept on saying “Thank you thank you thank youuuuuuuuu !!!”


When we got back home, I took a shower and wore fresh clothes and told mom all about it. I did not leave out even one word on the day and how it ended for me. The end of the week came quickly.

I never thought that I would ever say this, but I wished Aunt Nina stayed longer.


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8 Replies to “‘The Surprise Visit ‘ Story by 8 year old Bookosmian from Sharjah”

  • Hrishi Phulsundar

    Cute story, I wish to have an aunt who will gift me a pet!

  • Preeti

    Can’t believe, this is written by an eight year old..
    Truly Amazing?. .. Keep up the good work Avni?

  • Yogita

    Lovely story Avani. ? waiting for more stories.

  • pphulsundargmailcom

    Good work Avani. Well done

  • Milind Roman

    Good work Avani…keep it up..

  • Nice story telling ?

  • Prashant Maruti Pawar

    Great writing Skill Avani at the age of 8. Very nice story . God bless you

  • Super Avani dear..God bless

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