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The World’s Greatest Invention | Bookosmia

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Ahaan Sureka
Hello fam! Sara, here. 8 year old Ahaan Sureka, a Bookosmian from Kolkata writes about what he feels is the world’s greatest invention. What according to you would it be?
Ahaan is a student of Word Munchers and goes to La Martiniere for Boys.

The World’s Greatest Invention | Bookosmia

I feel that the greatest invention in the world is the covid vaccine. The vaccine’s name is Covishield and the laboratory where it is made is Serum Institute.

The world was struck with the covid pandemic in 2019. It seemed like the world had come to a sudden halt. There was a massive loss all across the country due to the loss of lives and the loss of jobs.


The world’s greatest invention


Even now the schools are closed, children can’t play outdoors. People are stuck inside their homes and when they do step out, they have to wear masks.

When the vaccine came, people were petrified to inject the vaccine. The innovation of the covid vaccine has changed the world forever. The advantage is that after taking it we can start working and meeting friends.


The world’s greatest invention


The disadvantages are that if we take the shot we may experience side effects like fever, cough cold, headache and many other similar symptoms. We should take precautions yet take the vaccine.

The world’s greatest invention


India is in the leading position in vaccine distribution. Millions of Indian citizens have already taken the covid-vaccine and the rest of the eligible citizens should take it too.


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Ahaan Sureka, 8, Kolkata


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