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This is for the girl- Poem


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Varisha Rehman

Hi there friends, Sara here. Midweek is for motivation and here is 15 year old Varisha Rehman from Delhi, giving us the just the right dose of it in this message to a girl.

Varisha is a student of Presentation Convent Senior Secondary School, Delhi.

This is for the girl- Poem

Poem: This is for the girl


This is for the girl
Who only wanted to be loved,
Shone like a pearl
And moved like a dove.

This is for the girl
Who was like a queen,
She ruled her world with everything.

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This is for the girl
Who wrote words no one heard,
A pen was her sword
A paper was her shield.

Here is a message to this girl
Life has a funny way to teach us,
Live your life without a grudge
Live the life, you love.
Just be yourself. Because…
Life is too short to be someone else.


Know the poet:

Varisha Rehman, 15, Delhi


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