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Tiger – Escaping My Predator | Bookosmia

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Nandini Gupta

Hey friends! Sara, here. 10 year old Nandini Gupta, a Bookosmian from Jaipur, helps us dive into the mind of an alert deer to know how it escapes its predators!

Congrats to Not Just Tales for nurturing her creativity.

Tiger – Escaping My Predator | Bookosmia

 Tiger - Escaping my predator


A deer hid as it was prey,

It knew it had to be done,

Cause the tiger was on it’s way.

The deer could be seen galloping away,


Everywhere there was silence,

Frightened, nervous and shaking with fear,

Galloping away and trying to hide,

Hiding spots were not in sight.


 Tiger - Escaping my predator


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