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‘What is kindness?’ Poem by 6 year old Satva Shah from Vadodara #KindnessDay

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Satva Shah

Hey everyone, Sara here. Deepavali and Children’s Day around the corner, what a festive time! But it is also the best time for us to adopt kindness, today on World Kindness Day. How? 6 year old Satva Shah from Vadodara has the answer for you.


Satva is a student of Billabong High International School, Vadodara

‘What is kindness?’ Poem by 6 year old Satva Shah from Vadodara #KindnessDay

I choose kindness

What is kindness?
Kindness is caring
Kindness is sharing.

Kindness is being helpful,
Kindness is being careful.

Kindness is no to mean words
Kindness is no to tantrums.

Kindness is giving hugs
Kindness is caring for bugs.

Kindness is friend’s smile,
Which is as big as a mile.

Kindness is just like barter
It makes you smarter and smarter.

I have chosen kindness
Because it gives us happiness.


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