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Why The Earth Couldn’t Sleep? | Bookosmia


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Atharva Agarwal

Hello! Your friend, Sara here. Did you know today is World Sleep day? 6 year old Atharva Agarwal, a Bookosmian from Kolkata writes a fascinating story of why the earth went to the doctor complaining of lack of sleep! Read on!

Atharva is a student of Word Munchers and goes to La Martiniere for Boys.

Why The Earth Couldn’t Sleep? | Bookosmia

Earth- Hello doctor! I don’t get proper sleep and because of that, I have a severe headache. Please advise me what can I do?

Why the earth couldn't sleep

Doctor – Turn off electric appliances like televisions, radio, loudspeakers etc at night or use it strictly at low volume.

Earth – I have a severe stomach ache. Please tell me what has happened to me?

Doctor – You have got a stomach infection because of water pollution.

Why the earth couldn't sleep

Earth – I feel like vomiting all time and I feel very lazy.

Doctor – You should eat healthy food. No using harmful chemical pesticides in farms.

Earth – I can’t breathe properly because of air pollution.

Doctor – Reduce the number of trips your people take in a car. Avoid burning of waste, leaves and other things.

Why the earth couldn't sleep

Earth – I feel very tired and sad. So please tell me what should I do?

Doctor- People are becoming very greedy. Make them stop digging you for construction of buildings and factories so that you get more life. Stay happy!


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