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‘Your hugs make everything fine’ Poem by 14 year old Ruja Vadher from Anand, Gujarat

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Ruja Vadher

Sara here, friends. We live in strange times and I am sure we have all realized that one thing that stays the same and as calming is our mom hugs. Here is a poem by 14 year old Ruja Vadher from Anand, Gujarat talking about the love and light her mom brings into life.


Ruja is a student of Anandalaya, Anand and hones her creative writing skills with Young Orators

‘Your hugs make everything fine’ Poem by 14 year old Ruja Vadher from Anand, Gujarat

You’ve always been there for me no matter what

Through thick and thin, and that matters a lot.


You’re my support system, someone who holds me tight,

I know you will guide me, come what might.


Almost all that I am, I am because of you,

And without you, I don’t know what I’d do.


You’re my best friend, someone I tell almost everything,

And a close bond with you is what has given me wings.


Losing your is my biggest fear,

And that’s because you’re so dear.


Since I was born, yours words make everything align,

And your hugs make everything fine.


Sometimes it may seem like I don’t love you,

But I am a teenager, my hormones work too.


Because whether I’m angry, sad, happy or just alright

You’re always the first one I want in my sight.


You’ve done so much for me, that I can never repay,

But atleast I can say.


That when you’re entering the golden jubilee,

I want to tell you quite truthfully.


Best wishes to my inspirational mother,

From a trying-to-be the best daughter.


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