Get Published – Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Topics for Decemeber Bookosmia


The submission must be –

    • an original piece of work by the child
    • written of their own willingness and not under any pressure or help from  parent/school/guardian/others
    • copying in the parent’s email id if you are under 18
    • In one of the categories mentioned below.

To submit your child’s entry, please email us at with –

    • Child’s story typed out in the body of the email or as an attachment
    • Child’s Name, Child’s Age, Child’s School Name
    • Parent’s name, Parent’s mobile no., Parents email ID, Residential City
    • Child’s photo and a few lines about them

We will respond back on your submission within 3 weeks if we decide to go ahead with it.

  1. Submit your Writing– Poem/story/essay category
    • Of upto 700 words, clearly typed out ( not in jpeg or png format)
    • Give importance to the idea and creativity, rather than the vocabulary, spellings and syntax
    • Bookosmia reserves the right to to publish your entry, if selected, with edits as deemed fit

2.  Submit your drawings- hand drawn pictures/ digital artworks

    • Clear, high resolution jpeg images. Submit one, a few or as many as you want
    • Submit a line about the theme-what you have drawn/painted
    • Bookosmia reserves the right to publish your drawing either on the same theme or as they deem fit
    • You will be accredited as an illustrator if your image is selected to be a part of a story

3. Submit your Book Review – Read a book? Share your review with us. Need suggestions on how to write a book review. Here it is :

-First reaction to cover page
-How/why did you get the book
-Brief plot summary- Do not tell the whole story
-Write about the lead character- what was most interesting about them?
-What is the central idea of the story according to you, why is it relevant?
-How was the writing style, the illustrations, general look of the book
-What was your favorite part of the book?
-What was your learning/understanding after reading the book?
-If you could change something in the book, what would it be?
– Is there a movie based on the same book? How does it compare?
Don’t miss to share the following-
-What is the best age group for this book?
-On a scale of 1-5, where 5 is the highest possible , what rating would you give the book? If you are reviewing the book and the movie, please give separate ratings for both
Come on now! Mail in your entries in soft copy( not images of handwritten reviews) to me at with the above and your name, age, city, school and parents contact no.


4. Submit your Art Stories: Hello young artists, Sara here! Dabbled in some art lately, or perhaps a casual doodle? I would love to see it and also publish your thoughts on the experience of creating art. Need a little help?

Here are some suggestions on what you can send to us typed, not more than 500 words :
  • What made you come up with your recent artwork? Have you always enjoyed art or were you hesitant in the beginning?
  • How and why did you choose the key theme/ subject in your artwork?
  • What were your feelings at different stages- while creating your artwork, working on it and finally completing it?
  • Do you think your picture tells a story? What can it be.
  • Which is your favourite art work? It can be your own work or someone else’s.
  • Can you share a picture of it and tell me what you love about it.

Do share plenty of high resolution pictures of your artwork for readers to appreciate!

5. Submit your Travel Review

Want to write in about a memorable holiday and get published? Here are some tips-

  • What made you decide on your holiday destination
  •  What  was the journey like
  • What were the highlights and best moments in the holiday
  • If you could, is there any thing you could change about your experience
  • What would your recommendation on must-see, must-do things and things to avoid for others wanting to visit that place
  • Lots of pictures of what you liked and didnt

Come on now, send me your travel highlights at

Terms and conditions:

Since we allow literary submissions by a minor, not competent to enter into contracts, ‘You’ shall mean the parent/guardian of the person submitting the short story. When you submit your entry, you shall be deemed to have given Bookosmia an exclusive license to evaluate the story for publication. We shall make best efforts to come back to you with the result of our evaluation within 15 days from the date we receive your submission. In the event you do not get our reply within 21 days from the date of your submission, you may
presume that we have decided not to publish the story.

If we respond with our decision to publish your story, you shall be deemed to have assigned any and all copyright and other intellectual property rights in the story in favour of Bookosmia. The assignment shall be perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide and comprise all the copyright in the literary work. The assignment shall not revert to you under any circumstances. Without limitation, the assignment shall confer upon Booksomia to make copies of, edit, adapt, and translate your story or republish it with affiliates. You shall be deemed to have waived your moral rights in the story.

Bookosmia shall always credit you as the author of the story. The opportunity  provided to you to publish your work shall constitute sufficient consideration for the foregoing assignment. You shall not disparage Bookosmia or its management, employees and other stakeholders in any manner whatsoever.


  • Selected stories are digitally published by Bookosmia on their website and with other partnering organizations to maximize reach
  • Authors of selected story receive a certificate from Bookosmia, a spotlight on our website and social media and are eligible for various rewards

Bookosmia hosts Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy on its website footer. By submitting entries you are in acceptance of the same.